5 minutes with ... Aug 22, 2014

5 minutes with ... Dipl. Eng. Jens Reumschuessel, Sales Manager at Famic Technologies GmbH

Famic Technologies is among the leading providers of software solutions for fluid technology, electrical engineering and automation technology. In 2012, the Canadian company opened its first international branch at the Münchener Technologiezentrum (MTZ).

Famic Technologies GmbH was launched in Munich in 2012. How has the first international branch of the Canadian parent company developed since then?


Since its establishment in 2012, the German branch of Famic Technologies Inc. has continued to develop. We can now support our German-speaking customers in technical and marketing issues with a dedicated team currently comprising four experts.

Our client base has also expanded considerably over the last two years, and the prominence of our software solutions is many times greater than it was.

At the beginning of the year, we quadrupled our office space for our employees and for customer training courses, so we are ideally prepared for our team to expand even further.


What makes Famic's software solutions stand out and what advantages does this open up for industrial companies in Bavaria and Europe?


Famic Technologies' Automation Studio™ software solution is a highly-developed design and simulation software suitable for all technologies including hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics and automation and control technology. Our software enables entire machines and systems to be developed in a short space of time and their function to be examined and optimised in a realistic simulation. Thanks to Automation Studio™, development and test processes as well as training and service, can be designed many times more efficiently and executed in higher quality. 

Automation Studio™ offers a unique combination of user-friendly system creation, enhanced engineering options, dynamic and realistic simulation and flexible documentation. Due to its impressive performance features, Automation Studio™ helps to significantly enhance productivity and is now used by many leading manufacturers from the mechanical engineering and automotive industries. 

Our software entered the market in 1996 and has been continuously expanded and improved since then. Today more than 120,000 users in 120 countries work with Automation Studio™, saving them both time and money and allowing them to launch their products on the market more quickly. As the only development software for hydraulics, Automation Studio™ offers comprehensive manufacturers' catalogues containing thousands of components available to order, including precise symbols and all parameters relevant to simulation. As a result, system developers are able to make the perfect choice from the components and systems available and examine their functionality in detail.

Through close cooperation with prominent component manufacturers from Germany and Europe, such as Bosch Rexroth and Linde Hydraulics, we ensure that the components presented in our catalogues are up-to-date and reliable.

Famic Technologies released the latest version of Automation Studio™, version 6.1, in spring, putting it even further ahead of all other system design software. The new version makes it even easier to develop mechatronic machines and systems efficiently and get them ready for the market in just a short space of time.


What specific support did Invest in Bavaria provide?


Famic Technologies GmbH and our head office in Montreal very much appreciate the support provided by Invest in Bavaria. Invest in Bavaria is a reliable partner at our side, providing advice and assistance in administrative and bureaucratic matters. We can count on the expert assistance provided by Invest in Bavaria, in particular when it comes to communication in Bavaria's business environment and the search for new employees.

To what extent did the innovative environment at the MTZ make entering the market easier?


Renting office space at the MTZ made it much easier to tap into the market so that, in a very short time, a fully equipped office featuring both professional services and cutting-edge IT and communication technology was up and running. This was necessary so that we could provide fast, professional support to our German-speaking customers and further expand our team immediately. 

Furthermore, the MTZ offers an extremely creative and communicative atmosphere which helps to establish contact with other interesting companies. This not only supports us in exchanging experiences and sharing examples of best practice, but also motivates us to think outside the box.


You are a German working at a Canadian company. What do your colleagues like about the Bavarian capital in particular?


Above all, our Canadian colleagues rate Munich as the European location for Famic Technologies Inc. because of its favourable infrastructure and transport connections. Our office in Munich not only provides the ideal starting point for reaching our many European customers quickly and easily, but is also a strategic link between Canada and our new markets in Asia and the Middle East.

The excellent IT connection at our site in Munich also ensures that we can communicate with our colleagues in Canada reliably and without any interruptions. 

In addition, the typical Bavarian traditions and customs of course have their own special appeal among our colleagues.

Famic Technologies GmbH and our head office in Montreal very much appreciate the support provided by Invest in Bavaria. Invest in Bavaria is a reliable partner at our side, providing advice and assistance in administrative and bureaucratic matters.



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