Best Perspectives: for Digital Companies in Bavaria

Lots of questions – lots of perspectives: What makes companies in Bavaria so successful? Is it the strong partners that create a value-adding ecosystem? The young talent, regardless of whether they’re qualified graduates or innovative founders? Or maybe totally different basic conditions that are drawing many people and companies to the location and driving forward digitalisation?

Bavaria from the perspective of Google

We ask those who must know: successful companies in Bavaria. They let us in on their totally personal perspective on the most important success factors for them. We start with Dr. Wieland Holfelder, Vice President Engineering at Google Germany in Munich, which takes us to one of Bavaria’s most famous places.

Munich is recognized as one of the top ICT locations in Europe and we really benefit from that. Dr. Wieland Holfelder Google Germany, Vice President Engineering

5 minutes with … Dr Wieland Holfelder


Dr Wieland Holfelder doesn’t just explain to us what makes Bavaria so special for Google in the video, we also interviewed him again in depth in our blog. Why Munich? How is the Bavarian digital scene different to Silicon Valley? And how does Google recruit the best professionals?

5 minutes with Dr. Wieland Holfelder, Vice President Engineering at Google Germany

5 minutes with Dr. Wieland Holfelder, Vice President Engineering at Google Germany

Hardly anyone can imagine their everyday life without the numerous applications and devices from the tech giant Google. And yet it all began in the dormitory rooms at Stanford University and a colourfully furnished garage. The aim of the two founders Larry...

Google Germany – also a Bavarian success story

Google Launchpad

As a big player in Silicon Valley, Google naturally knows how important start-ups are for innovations. All the better for the Bavarian start-up scene that Google is contributing to a flourishing start-up world with its launchpad at its Munich location too. A welcome enrichment for the current ecosystem consisting of accelerators, technology and start-up incubators and numerous VC, business and angel investors.

Google Engineering Center

More than eleven years at the location have clearly shown: As a top international ICT location, Munich is more than suitable as the home for the Google Engineering Center. The ten-year anniversary in 2016 was celebrated fittingly with the move to new premises and highlights the continuing ambitions for the location. At the end of the day, more than 800 Google employees are going to be driving innovation and data privacy forwards here in the medium-term. Ranking Google alongside a list of big players who are contributing to the importance of Munich and Bavaria on the international digital scene.

Google future workshop

Digital education is very important at Google, not just for founders or its own young digital talent but for anyone who is interested. Google has therefore been offering various options for digital education, be it as education or vocational training, out of personal interest or for professional development, at its future workshop in Munich since 2017. The company is therefore supplementing the digital education already on offer in Bavaria.