The home of the digital future

We read our morning newspaper on a tablet, music is streamed directly from the Internet and cars and trains can travel without drivers. Life today would be almost unimaginable without digitization.

And digitization has had a huge impact on processes in business, with key concepts including smart factories, big data, mobile solutions and IT security, to name but a few.

40 per cent of German IT companies are based in Bavaria

The quality of Bavaria as an ICT location has been confirmed internationally. Not only did Microsoft founder Bill Gates once praise Bavaria as the “high-tech Mecca” of Europe – a study by the European Commission named Munich Europe's top ICT location, ahead of even London and Paris.

Bavaria shines

Companies enjoy success wherever the conditions are right

Bavaria has the requirements and skills for successful digitization:

  • The world's best cars, machine tools and computer tomographs are all built here. Digitization plays an ever-growing role in all these sectors. Both large corporations like BMW and Audi and the many small and medium-sized companies in Bavaria are increasingly becoming IT companies who rely on digital solutions and the ideas of innovative start-ups.
  • Policy-makers are paving the way for this development. The Bavarian state government will invest EUR 1.5 billion in its digitization offensive over the next five years. This will benefit both young entrepreneurs and research-orientated companies.
  • Digitization needs great minds and top-class educational facilities. The two big universities in Munich – the LMU Munich and Technische Universität München (TUM) – are among Germany's elite universities. TUM's Garching campus is currently developing into Europe's largest science and high-tech campus. As part of the digitization offensive, 20 new professorships in key digitization topics will be set up throughout Bavaria over the next few years, educating even more specialist staff of the future.
  • Good things can often be improved even further through discussion with like-minded people. Bavaria offers a lot of different opportunities for networking. Even today, the state's close-knit cluster structure ensures productive exchange between science and business. New platforms are to be added over the next few years, driving forward key digitization topics such as IT security, digitalised production and connected mobility.

Bavaria's location advantages at a glance

Munich is Europe's top ICT hub.
per cent of the state's total value creation is generated by industry. A top sales market.
The number of billion euros the state is investing in the digitization offensive.
The number of ICT companies based in Munich.

In the right place at the right time

Digitization is an incredible opportunity for companies. Make use of it. Be in the right place at the right time. Come to a place that offers boundless opportunities – come to Bavaria!


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