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Dr. Wieland Holfelder, Vice President Engineering at Google Germany

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What impresses companies about Bavaria? Which factors are important in order to develop in a new location and to feel at home there?

Newly settled companies and successful traditional firms in Bavaria report on their experiences in interviews.

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Bavaria has an excellent ecosystem of state-of-the-art public administration, strong entrepreneurship, forward-looking innovation and start-ups in a hospitable environment. Nowhere else is such a good work-life balance possible with many local recreation areas. That’s why it’s a lot of fun to work together on IT projects for and with our customers in Bavaria.

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Goldwin Europe GmbH

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As a distribution company for the whole of Europe, we are here in a city, a state in the heart of the continent. People and companies from all over meet here, so the location is also very suitable for our customers from abroad. The proximity to neighbouring countries also leads to a fusion of different cultures. In particular, this location is attractive for us because it is close to many sports regions and there are many people here who love sports. I would also like to add that many open, friendly people live here.

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Its strategic position in the heart of the DACH area and its position as the leading industrial manufacturing region in Europe made Bavaria an obvious choice of location for NEODITECH. Not only does reality confirm the relevance of this choice, but since our arrival in the south of Munich, we have also been able to benefit from the strength of a very efficient network of public and private economic players. These advantages, combined with the friendly welcome from the Bavarians, have led us to adopt the slogan "Invest in Bavaria".

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Metabolon GmbH

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The decisive factor for our choice of location was the proximity to an airport with good international connections. This is very important for the logistics related to our sample material. With our growth plans it is also very important that we have constant access to talent and the environment in Bavaria with excellent universities is therefore a very good fit.

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Bavaria, whose economic power is comparable to that of the economically most important EU member states, will continue to maintain high standards in terms of advanced technological development, industrial production, education and security. This makes Bavaria one of the top business locations in Europe.

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Hajime Takatsuka, director general

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Die überwältigende wirtschaftliche und industrielle Stärke ist attraktiv. Neben den großen Unternehmen haben – angefangen bei den Hidden Champions - auch mittelständische Unternehmen dort ihren Sitz und es gibt viele Geschäftsmöglichkeiten für japanische Unternehmen.

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Recruiting trainees and nursing staff from Malaysia and Vietnam and placing them in Germany – these are Eduroam Sdn Bhd’s main focuses. The company’s head office is located in Petaling Jaya, a district of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In July 2020, the company took the plunge abroad and opened a branch in the Straubing district in Lower Bavaria. Today we are talking to Ms Gyvinne Koh, founder of Eduroam Sdn Bhd and Mr Christian Wachtmeister, managing director of the German branch, about the reasons for choosing Bavaria as a location and the company’s future goals.

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Bavaria is a state with its cultural heritage being followed for decades together, which defines the region and its people. It is known for its popular festivals, sports, proximity to excellent landscape and its dishes, which makes it a popular place to live. Most importantly, Bavaria has many start-ups and automotive businesses, which contribute to the German economy. One among the automotive firm is BMW which has its Headquarter in Bavaria.

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Bavaria is a magnet for industrial corporations and young companies that are pushing ahead with digitization. New company founders with innovative ideas keep coming from universities in particular. We value the links between universities, start-ups, large corporations and SMEs. Bavaria offers important networks to find both customers and highly qualified employees.

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Brenna Liponis, Engagement Manager Trinity Life Sciences

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We were looking for a location in Europe where we could hire the best talent and be relatively close to our clients. After identifying our heads of office here, Alex Fink and Jackson Carroll, it became clear that Munich offers the best of both worlds.

| USA | Mobility

L&L Products Europe GmbH

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The main reason for our company to move the German location to Munich was wanting to be close to customers and the attractive location. In addition to the existing customers, there are lots of good opportunities to further develop our products and therefore our market here through the various research and development institutions in the Munich area. Our new development office is the perfect starting point for this.

| Bavaria| Robotics

Franka Emika GmbH

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In my opinion Bavaria and specifically Munich is already the international hot spot in robotics. However, one should never rest on what they achieved in the past, but focus on what to develop in the future. Here the commitment by the Bavarian State to invest in an integrated research center the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence at the Technical University Munich is a great step into the right direction and can serve as a sustainable approach in innovation in the field of robotics.

| Taiwan | Electronics

Taiwan Semiconductor (TSC) Europe GmbH

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Bavaria is very strong in terms of the economy and infrastructure and therefore extremely interesting as a business location. If cosmopolitanism is then combined with an understanding of the Bavarian charm, then I think there is nothing standing in the way of the company’s success in Bavaria.

| Bavaria | Microelectronics, Microsystems Technology & Sensors

Emqopter GmbH

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As a heterogeneous region for trade and industry, Bavaria is a highly interesting location for any kind of start-up. Whether it’s for technology, social commitment or lifestyle, Bavaria offers the perfect environment and infrastructure to implement innovative ideas!

| Schleswig-Holstein | 3D printing

Sandhelden GmbH & Co. KG

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Bavaria is one of the centres of excellence when it comes to additive manufacturing (3D printing). In addition, there are a variety of funding programmes and supporting organisations, which are very appealing, especially for young companies.

| Baden-Wuerttemberg | Production

Daimler Buses (EvoBus GmbH)

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Like all Bavarians I’m really proud of our large economy, our culture and at least of FC Bayern München. To live and work in Bavaria is a gift, our unemployment rate is the lowest in Germany. We profit from an excellent automobile industry, outstanding universities and very innovative people.

| Bavaria | additive manufacturing

Concept Laser

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The rural region of today cannot be compared to the rural region of 25 years ago as a result of the advancing digitalisation of society.Bavaria combines tradition with modern social developments with an unrivalled charm and is always up to date.

| Bavaria | Events, consulting, seminars and speciality coffees

Münchner Kaffeerösterei

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We want to give something back to Munich. Nowhere is the density of committed people as high as it is in Bavaria.

| Japan| Navigation and mapping solutions

Zenrin Europe GmbH

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Zenrin Europe had an office in Dusseldorf from 1993 to 2017. However, the automotive sector there is not nearly as strongly represented as in Bavaria, especially in Munich with BMW.Here in Munich we can communicate faster and easier with the partners and it is also possible to talk about private things like skiing or the Oktoberfest. This proximity to our customers is very important.

| Poland | digital solutions

Hycom.Digital GmbH

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We’re happy to deliver and maintain high class digital solutions for our German clients. With the new office in Munich we’re now closer to you and operating more agily in all the fields of cooperation.

| France | wood working and plastics industry

Baumex Holzverbundstoff GmbH (parent company: Silvadec)

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Invest in Bavaria introduced us to many partners who made the success of this project possible. Invest in Bavaria is focused on its users’ needs and excellent at finding solutions.

| Success ambassadors

Dr. Wieland Holfelder, Vice President Engineering at Google Germany

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Bavaria is a very lively IT hub in Germany and Europe. It provides a unique ecosystem that is supported by a strong industry, innovative and successful start-ups, the presence of worldwide recognised universities (e.g. TUM, LMU), as well as international research institutes (e.g. the Max Planck Society, Fraunhofer, DLR).

| India | engineering software

EniT Invilogic GmbH

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Bavaria has a good base of successful companies that can get both customers and cooperation partners, and with which cluster associations help to connect. A multicultural work environment and a wide pool of skilled manpower make it a pleasant business location. In addition, the region offers a high quality of living and an excellent education system for children.

| Bavaria | electrotechnical safety systems

Wöhner GmbH & Co. KG

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Digital transformation is one of the most important challenges for companies and their staff. In particular, in more rural regions like ours with limited potential for specialists per se, obstacles like a lack of experience or defending existing structures play a major part. Which is why one important success factor is breaking down familiar processes, where the innovation and thought patterns of start-ups can be of crucial help. Zukunft.Coburg.Digital is to bring the experience of successful companies together with the speed and creativity of start-ups.

| Bavaria | facade construction

Josef Gartner GmbH

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We have local experts here that we could not do without. The employees have strong roots here and are loyal. Their parents and grandparents often worked at Gartner. We also want to continue driving this forward with our in-house training and development opportunities. The number of employees who moved here especially for Gartner is also growing though.

| Bavaria | blood glucose meters


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The city of Hof is, since the opening of the borders, located right in the heart of Europe. The excellent infrastructure is a major location advantage for us. The close proximity to universities of applied sciences and universities makes it easier for us to find qualified specialist staff. Other factors in selecting Hof as a location include a region that is attractive to live in and short distances to work for the employees.

| France | engineering

EPI Europrop International GmbH

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Munich is dynamic and ambitious, yet it is also a peaceful city. You can experience urban life with the advantages of a green city: the mountains and many lakes can be reached in less than an hour, and the city itself has plenty of green space. Even if you do not own a car, there are plenty of transport options: suburban trains, underground trains, regional trains, the airport and cycle paths. The many international schools are a plus for international employees who come to Munich with their families.

| Bavaria | consumer goods

hecht international GmbH

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As for production, we trust our global procurement network with its many reliable and long-standing partners – especially in China, partially in India and other Asian countries, but also in Europe. We are constantly evaluating our processes to also hit maximum efficiency. The most important thing is to always be one step ahead.

| Bavaria | industrial adhesives

DELO Industrie Klebstoffe GmbH & Co. KGaA

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Firstly, there are highly qualified professionals that work very accurately, regardless whether they have a university degree or have completed a vocational training. Secondly, the high density of industrial companies makes it easy to establish a network of customers and partners.

| Italy | microactuators

Actuator Solutions GmbH

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Bavaria is very attractive for our international team. On the one hand, we have to build bridges to reach our Asian customers, but also to reach out to development engineers all around the globe, who like to come to Bavaria. On the other hand, as an internationally operating company, we are attractive for Bavarian and German engineers.

| Bavaria | compressor construction

IDE Compressors Manufaktur GmbH (former IDE-NewParts Compressors GmbH)

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This concentration of excellent specialists, who also work at our suppliers, is also largely due to the excellent working environment, the high recreational value and the Bavarian way of life and quality of living. All this ultimately results in higher quality of work. We also benefit from the close proximity and the uncomplicated access to development partners and research institutes and institutions and numerous funding sources, particularly in the area of innovations.

| Turkey | electronic devices

Vestel Germany GmbH

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We deliberately opted for Munich as a location for our site for a number of reasons. The close proximity to the airport is certainly one convincing argument. First of all, the direct flights from Turkey help us to maintain a close link to our parent group. Secondly, we are able to reach our customers all over Germany very quickly. For instance, we can set off to visit our customers in Hamburg in the morning and be back in Munich again by the evening. And when we visit our customers in southern Germany, we can take advantage of the well-developed motorway network.

| Canada | software development

Famic Technologies GmbH

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Famic Technologies GmbH and our head office in Montreal very much appreciate the support provided by Invest in Bavaria. Invest in Bavaria is a reliable partner at our side, providing advice and assistance in administrative and bureaucratic matters.

| Bavaria | software solutions

HiveMQ Gmb (formerly known as Hdc-square GmbH)

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Bavaria is an ideal location in order to act on a global scale. The most modern industries, strong small and medium-sized companies as well as very good educational institutions are located in and around Landshut. This is complemented by a close collaboration between business and research.

Other successful settlements

Amazon is considered a worldwide pioneer of social commerce. The company was founded in 1995 by Jeff Bezos in Seattle and was one of the first e-commerce mail-order companies. Today, it has a wide-ranging portfolio of products and employs around 69,000 staff around the world (August 2012).


Amazon was able to send its first package from the new site in Graben, Bavarian Swabia, after a construction period of just five months. Outstanding cooperation with local and regional partners and authorities allowed us to implement the project perfectly within such a short period of time. The main reasons for choosing the Graben site were its central location in Europe, the excellent staffing potential in the region, the outstanding links to all major motorways and good cooperation. In future, Amazon will continue to deliver products to millions of customers from its German logistics centres.

Armin Cossmann, Head of Amazon's German logistics centres  

CIBA VISION GmbH in Großwallstadt produces daily contact lenses under the DAILIES® brand. It employs more than 1,000 staff in production, reasearch & development, and logistics. In April 2012, CIBA VISION® and Alcon® combined their expertise and now appear on the market as a new business unit, Alcon Vision Care, within the Novartis Group. The company conducts operative activities in 75 countries and sells its products in 180 markets.


The Bavarian Lower Main region is one of Europe's most attractive industrial locations. There are certainly not many other places in the world from which you can reach so much expertise within just two or three hours' travel. There are 22 universities within 120 kilometres. Our company has invested hundreds of millions of euros in the CIBA VISION site in Großwallstadt over the last few decades. Both new technologies and research & development are consistently expanded here. The excellent transport links are a key success factor for the innovative and efficient CIBA VISION logistics centre. Up to 40,000 orders are sent from here to customers all over Europe every day.


Dietrich Fechner, CEO of CIBA VISION GmbH   

Grote Industries is the world's leading manufacturer and provider of innovative lighting and safety systems for vehicles. The company was founded around 100 years ago in the United States. In 2009, the company chose to continue its successful course in Europe from its headquarters in Niederwinkling.


For Grote Industries, as the world's leading manufacturer and provider in the LED lighting technology sector, the location in Lower Bavaria offers outstanding conditions for tapping and supplying the entire European market. From our European headquarters in Niederwinkling, we can supply customers throughout Europe with premium, energy-efficient Grote Industries products quickly and reliably. And the sector environment fits our goals perfectly, too. We have successfully added large numbers of customers from the commercial vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery sectors to our portfolio since 1st February 2009, and were able to establish production at the Niederwinkling site extremely quickly.

Klaus Vetterl, Managing Director of Grote Industries Europe.

Huawei is one of the world's leading providers of information technology and telecommunications solutions. Thanks to its constant dedication to customer-orientated innovations and its strong partnerships, Huawei is able to create benefits throughout the entire value creation chain, in sectors including telecommunications networks, end devices and cloud computing. Huawei products and solutions are in use in over 140 countries around the world, making them available to over a third of the world's population.


Germany's strong economy and large number of top IT companies make it a key growth market for Huawei. Bavaria and the Nuremberg region here are particularly important for our research and development work. The Nuremberg area really stands out as a cluster region in the sector, making it one of Europe's leading regions in the IT sector. Thanks to the many universities and research institutions, it is home to large numbers of highly-qualified and motivated workers and an excellent infrastructure for the science sector. Together with our partners, we are constantly expanding our research and development activities here.
Olaf Reus, Director Public Affairs & Communications, Huawei Technologies

Kaspersky Lab was founded in 1997 in Moscow. Today, the company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of security solutions to protect against malware, hacker attacks and spam. Kaspersky Lab opened its office in Ingolstadt in 2003. The site is responsible for the company's business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and its staff has now grown to over 150 people.


Bavaria hosts the regional offices of many significant IT companies. Both the classic universities in Regensburg, Eichstätt, Ingolstadt and Munich and the many universities of applied sciences provide the IT industry with highly-qualified staff. The region's central location in the heart of Europe and the good Bavarian transport and information technology infrastructure allow us to manage the company's activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland effectively from Upper Bavaria. The “laptop and lederhosen” slogan is the perfect fit for Kaspersky Lab. The great economic potential of Southern Germany and the proximity to the markets in Austria and Switzerland have played a vital role in the success of Kaspersky Lab, both in Germany and across Europe.  

Holger Suhl, General Manager DACH, Kaspersky Labs GmbH

Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbH (NPAG for short), based in Hof/Saale, has been a leader in connection technology and energy cable systems for over 50 years. Integrated into the French Nexans Group, Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbH specialises in the production of low and medium voltage systems for connecting and joining energy cables. The Nexans corporation is one of the world's leading cable manufacturers and has around 24,500 staff in over 40 countries involved in production.


Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbH in Hof (NPAG) is a globally active company which employs over 300 staff at multiple sites in Germany and abroad. Thanks to its intensive research and development activities, NPAG enjoys a leading role in efficient energy transfer systems in the low and medium voltage sector. In doing so, it benefits from the innovation-friendly environment in Bavaria, which helps Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbH to set crucial industry standards and to shape European standards. The constant optimisation and orientation of the products and system solutions on the constantly changing energy market allow NPAG to make use of the outstanding pool of qualified professionals here in Upper Franconia and to consolidate its future-orientated focus and innovative power.

Peter Ahlers, Managing Director, Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbH

The NSG Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of glass and glass products. Its business activities focus on the fields of automotive, architectural and technical glass. The NSG Group as a whole currently boasts sales of almost EUR 5 billion and employs around 29,000 staff worldwide.


Our site in Weiherhammer is known for producing specialist products at the very highest standard. It is all about innovation. The Upper Palatinate mentality is ideal for this, and is the key to our success. The NSG sets great store by this location, as the staff's experience, qualifications and, above all, mentality have become a key factor in our success. When it comes to innovation at our site, we have enjoyed fantastic support from administration, regional partners, the Bavarian state government and everyone else involved.

Reinhold Gietl, plant director at Weiherhammer 

Other successful Bavarian companies

If there were a world market for meeting customer requirements, PASS Stanztechnik AG would certainly be a candidate for market leader. This specialist in the production of CNC punching tools, based in Creußen, Upper Franconia, sees itself not as a tools supplier, but as a partner of the sheet metal processing industry, and defines itself by its service quality.    
On this basis, the company, founded in 1982, has worked its way to a leading position in the development and production of special tools for customer requirements outside the usual standard applications within just a few years.    
The 130 staff at the Creußen site and the company's representatives around the world see themselves as pioneers for the over 5,000 customers, for whom the premium quality precision tools open up new applications, markets and fields of business.

Schwan-STABILO is an internationally active corporation which has fully signed up to the world of pens. The company's history reads like a chronicle of innovative writing instruments, some of which are famous around the world today. The first copying pencil to write in colour was produced by Schwan-STABILO and put on sale in 1875.    
In 1927, the first make-up pencil for eyebrows revolutionised women's lives. The “STABILO BOSS” highlighter caused just as much of a storm when it was introduced in 1971. This “pen for reading” is still the world's best-selling highlighter to this day.    
Since 1855, the former “Schwan Pencil Factory” has become a globally successful corporation which is still owned by the fifth generation of the family even after its conversion to a holding company. With the help of over 4,400 staff worldwide, annual sales in the high hundreds of millions are achieved.

Großkötz, 1931: Alois Kober is just 23 years old when he founds his own little metalwork shop. From the very beginning, he has plenty of guts and even more entrepreneurial spirit, laying the foundations for what will become the AL-KO KOBER GROUP.    
That little metalwork shop is today a globally active corporation with over 4,000 staff, present with new ideas in many different markets, and is still growing. A new customer centre opened in June 2012 in Kleinkötz, near Günzburg. It provides a state-of-the-art workplace for around 70 staff.    
The product portfolio ranges from lawnmowers to vehicle components and even air-conditioning systems for laboratories. This variety is based on simple basic principles: quality, innovative spirit and well-thought-out functionality are combined with contemporary design, convenience and reliability.    
This consistent company philosophy has won the AL-KO Kober Group many renowned awards, including the “iF product design award”, the “red dot design award” and the coveted “Top 100 Award” for the most innovative small and medium-sized companies in Germany.

As the world's leading specialist for drives and control systems, Bosch Rexroth ensures the precise, safe and efficient movement of machines and plants all over the world. Bosch Rexroth technology ensures precise control and the necessary power and dynamism in roles as diverse as the production of cars or chocolate bars, modern steelworks, historic theatre technology or enormous wind energy plants.    
With around 31,110 staff in 80 countries around the world and headquarters in Lohr, Lower Franconia, the company focuses particularly on the development of energy-efficient solutions. With its help, factories consume less energy and mobile machinery produces significantly lower emissions.    
Bosch Rexroth brings together worldwide application experience from 44 sectors in its Mobile Applications, Industrial Applications and Renewable Energies business units. The company achieved sales of EUR 5.4 billion in 2015.

Millions of consumers benefit from the innovative power of Krones AG every day, without even knowing it. Based in Neutraubling, the Krones Group plans, develops and produces machinery and complete plants for process, filling and packaging technology, as well as intralogistics.    
Every day, many millions of bottles, cans and plastic containers are filled and processed in Krones plants around the world. For breweries, winemakers, beverage manufacturers, the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry and many other sectors, reliable Krones technology has become a crucial link in the goods' journey to the consumer.    
The worldwide success of the company and its over 14,400 staff all comes down to the combination of specialist expertise in mechanical engineering and knowing precisely what customers need. Many new innovations have ensured that the company, founded in 1951, has always remained one step ahead of the competition when it comes to technology. Today, Krones holds an innovation pool of over 5,000 registered patents and utility models.