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ENERGY.DIGITAL.Innovation Forum 2019

ENERGY.DIGITAL.Innovation Forum 2019


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"Baierun e Youkoso!" – Sunstar Engineering Group opens European head office in Rain am Lech

"Baierun e Youkoso!" – Sunstar Engineering Group opens European head office in Rain am Lech


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Don’t believe everything about Bavaria. Just believe the facts. Discover why its true beauty lies beyond its mountains, beer and brass music and join the Bavarian start-up ecosystem.

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"Germany's strong economy and large number of top IT companies make it a key growth market for Huawei. Bavaria and the Nuremberg region here are particularly important for our research and development work. The Nuremberg area really stands out as a cluster region in the sector, making it one of Europe's leading regions in the IT sector. Thanks to the many universities and research institutions, it is home to large numbers of highly-qualified and motivated workers and an excellent infrastructure for the science sector. Together with our partners, we are constantly expanding our research and development activities here." Olaf Reus, Director Public Affairs & Communications, Huawei Technology
"The Bavarian Lower Main region is one of Europe's most attractive industrial locations. There are certainly not many other places in the world from which you can reach so much expertise within just two or three hours' travel. There are 22 universities within 120 kilometres. Our company has invested hundreds of millions of euros in the CIBA VISION site in Großwallstadt over the last few decades. Both new technologies and research & development are consistently expanded here. The excellent transport links are a key success factor for the innovative and efficient CIBA VISION logistics centre. Up to 40,000 orders are sent from here to customers all over Europe every day." Dietrich Fechner, CEO of CIBA VISION GmbH
"For Grote Industries, as the world's leading manufacturer and provider in the LED lighting technology sector, the location in Lower Bavaria offers outstanding conditions for tapping and supplying the entire European market. From our European headquarters in Niederwinkling, we can supply customers throughout Europe with premium, energy-efficient Grote Industries products quickly and reliably. And the sector environment fits our goals perfectly, too. We have successfully added large numbers of customers from the commercial vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery sectors to our portfolio since 1st February 2009, and were able to establish production at the Niederwinkling site extremely quickly." Klaus Vetterl, Managing Director of Grote Industries Europe.

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