Bavaria is great for Business. No Brexit.
No uncertainties.

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Fact Summary

Invest in Bavaria is the Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria. Since 1999, we have been assisting companies from Germany and abroad to set up and expand their businesses here. As a publicly-funded organisation, our services are free of charge. And with our fully customised all-round service, friendly international team and global network, we will take you under our wing to make sure your company flies high.

You want the facts?

1 Bavaria is Europe's leading ICT Location.
2 bavaria outperforms all other german states in terms of economic growth.
3 36 of the world's 50 most innovative companies have a base in bavaria.
Manufacturing share of GDP
Bavaria 29%
Bavaria 29 %
4 bavaria is an economic powerhouse due to its enviably strong manufacturing base.
5 Bavaria is the leading european region for patent applications at the EPO.
6 central franconia's share of R&D spent in gdp is well above the german average.

Brexit brings uncertainty for companies.

It isn't just the numbers that speak for Bavaria. There are countless location factors that enhance its appeal. One of them shines brighter than ever these days: Bavaria guarantees a secure base for businesses – today and in the future.

In times of an increasingly probable Brexit this location factor should not be underestimated. No one knows which obstacles international companies might encounter after Britain left the EU. Deal or no-deal: experts predict a loss in value for the pound. This would weaken the economical power of the country and its partners. Others forecast radical changes concerning the legal situation. Freedom of movement and of labor might be questioned, while brand, design and license contracts could lose their validity.

Bavaria – a safe haven for your business.

So, in case of Brexit uncertainty is certain – even if you don’t believe everything that is said to happen. We Bavarians sympathize with those who don’t believe everything people say. Especially as there are many misconceptions about us out there. Instead we recommend that you have a look at the facts. And they send a clear signal: uncertainty is not the right basis for a prosperous and future-orientated company.

That is why many founders, innovators and CEOs in Britain cancel planned investments and search for new sites for their businesses. And here Bavaria comes into play as the facts speak for themselves – again. Besides the security-factor we come up with companies that have no equal, a grown landscape of world-wide leading research, unprecedented start-up networks and a digital infrastructure built for big ideas.

Setting up in Bavaria could be promising.

Nine of the 30 German companies listed on the DAX share index are headquartered in Bavaria. All of them are synonymous with outstanding innovation in their individual areas. And, right now, every single one is searching for partners to help bridge the gap between the technologies of yesterday and tomorrow. But we don't just have global leaders. Bavaria also boasts high-powered medium-sized enterprises in all kinds of fields – from industry 4.0 and mobility through to additive manufacturing, FinTech and InsureTech. Moreover, in Bavaria you also will find some of the best universities and independent research institutes in the world. Like Munich's Technical University, the Max Planck and Fraunhofer Institutes. They offer huge potential for young entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to become one.

We're into people like that. So even if you don’t believe all the predictions for Brexit. Having a look at the facts of Bavaria might open up some doors for your business.

Take advantage of our broad range of services

We support you to get started the best way possible in Bavaria: by providing you with all relevant information, finding the ideal location for your business, brokering contacts in relevant sectors and helping you in the ongoing process to make the most of your business.

Planning and preparation

Planning and preparation

  • Information on the market and business environment for your potential company in Bavaria
  • Information on the relevant sector and technology networks
  • Overview of fundamental legal and taxation issues
  • Brokering of contacts to service providers and experts
  • Overview of support and financing instruments for your company in Bavaria
Location search and location selection

Location search and location selection

  • Development of project-related location criteria
  • Presentation of ideal locations in Bavaria
  • Identification of suitable commercial properties and spaces
  • Organisation of site visits
  • Networking with local partners relevant to the project
  • Identification of project-relevant support instruments for companies
  • Brokering of contacts to the relevant support institutions


  • Organising coordination with all project partners
  • Brokering contacts at/with/to sector and technology networks, service providers and experts
  • Arranging appointments with support and financing partners
  • Communication with authorities and local economic promotion agencies
  • Assistance with human resources issues via our contacts to the Federal Employment Agency and private recruitment companies
Growing in Bavaria

Growing in Bavaria

  • Information about the programmes provided by Bavaria's business promotion agencies, such as for tapping into new markets, taking part in trade shows, international cooperation, as well as research and development
  • A worldwide network of Bavarian representatives abroad, whose work will benefit your plans for possible internationalisation
  • Brokering contacts for foreign companies to communities, institutions and organisations from your home country in Bavaria (if required)
  • Information about useful company databases and sector networks which serve your purposes
  • Invitations to networking events and information about events held by our partners
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