23 of the top 100 companies in the German media sector are Bavarian – just one of many figures which make Bavaria Germany's number 1 media location. Here, companies in the media sector find outstanding infrastructure with plenty of potential partners at all levels of media production, both in audio-visual and print and online media. This is one of the reasons that big players in the sector such as ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, Kabel Deutschland GmbH, Hubert Burda Media and the Weltbild Group have chosen Bavaria.

Bavaria's media sector represents high sales; Munich's information and communications and media sectors, for example, generate around EUR 70 billion. Success comes down to good staff. That is why many institutes in Bavaria, as well as institutions such as MedienCampus Bayern e.V., provide exemplary media education and further training. Success also comes down to good financing. That is why Bavaria offers outstanding financial support. When compared to other film funding organisations in Germany, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern is one of the most successful organisations in this field. Bavaria also provides top support for cultural and educational games.

In 1998, 13 institutions for media education and further training teamed up with the Free State of Bavaria to form MedienCampus Bayern e.V. This association sees itself as an "umbrella group, central platform, information hub and coordination point for media education and further training". Its main goals, which it pursues with great success, are to coordinate and network existing educational opportunities. This helps the sector in Bavaria to find plenty of media people with excellent training in all fields.

Universities such as the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF) are just as responsible for media education in Bavaria as institutions such as the Akademie der Bayerischen Presse and the Akademie für Neue Medien Kulmbach. The media education available for training the next generation in Bavaria is just as varied as today's media. But it is not only the excellent media education and further training which scores Bavaria points – the attractive Bavarian way of life is a winning factor, too. This is a reason for many top media people to choose Bavaria as their location. Just one of the reasons why Bavaria has such a large pool of staff.

When talking about the key networks for the media sector in Bavaria, it is impossible not to mention MedienCampus Bayern e.V. No other network is so important for media education and further training. But of course there are also other networks relevant to the sector, focusing on different areas. These include the Printing and Print Media cluster, which contributes to the expansion of Bavaria's competitive advantage and to increased innovative power for the printing and print media industry in Bavaria, among other activities.

Mediennetzwerk Bayern, which developed out of the former Bavarian Audiovisual Media cluster, is another key network for Bavaria's media sector. The network aims to bring together creative minds and companies in various media segments and to promote mutual exchange of ideas and the development of joint projects. The work of these networks is complemented by that of the media associations in Bavaria, including Verband Druck und Medien Bayern, Verband Bayerischer Zeitungsverleger and Verband der Zeitschriftenverlage in Bayern. And that's not all: it is the variety of the media networks in Bavaria which is so impressive.