Energy Technology

Energy Technology

The use of water power is a tradition in Bavaria, but other regenerative energies are also gaining greatly in significance. Bavaria's energy policy offers companies huge potential for growth.

Energy supply in Germany will change at a spectacular rate in the next few years. The transition to alternative energies is releasing great potential for innovation and signifies a huge boom for energy technology. Bavaria is in an ideal position and offers companies in energy technology optimum opportunities for growth. All the key energy sources are represented in Bavaria: hydroelectric power, photovoltaics, wind energy, biomass, solar thermal energy and ambient heat, as well as geothermal energy for generating heat and electricity.

Bavaria is a pioneer of hydroelectric power and gained almost 12 billion kilowatt hours of electricity from it in 2010 – more than all the other states. By the end of that year, almost 40 per cent of the total solar energy capacity installed in Germany was installed in Bavaria. Wind energy in Bavaria remains a relatively small field compared to the two giants of hydroelectric power and solar energy. Bavaria is therefore committed to putting more into expanding wind energy in a way which is compatible with the space, nature and farming. One thing is certain: Bavaria will be leading the pack when it comes to energy technology in the future, too.

Energy research is being driven forward with great dedication in Bavaria. University and non-university institutes have the capacity to conduct research into energy technology. Examples include Energie Campus Nuremberg which is working on achieving a sustainable energy economy based on renewable energies, and the TUM.Energy, a cross-faculty research initiative by the Munich School of Engineering. Here, scientists from various departments work together on topics such as the expansion of renewable energies, electromobility and energy efficiency. Companies also benefit from the excellent education options at Bavaria's universities.

Energy research is one of the focuses of Bavarian research and technology policy. The state added six research projects and three structural measures in energy research to its promotional programme in 2012. Two new projects were added in the double budget for 2013/2014, bringing the total invested in this field of research to over EUR 60 million in those two years. Examples of projects receiving funding include fundamental research in organic photovoltaics and application-orientated research into resource-saving and intelligent ways of living.

With the Energy Technology cluster and the Energie-Forum, Bavaria has attractive hubs for information and cooperation. The Energy Technology cluster intensifies cooperation between business and science, in order to further increase companies' innovative power and thus to generate added value in Bavaria. Its activities are concentrated on the topic fields of renewable energies, energy efficiency in electricity and heat generation and consumption, and energy storage systems and transmission and distribution networks in power supply.

Bavaria's Energie-Forum is an information platform predominantly for the fields of efficient energy generation, renewable energies and new energy technologies. The Energie-Forum creates transparency on ongoing developments and innovation processes and strengthens the information and consultancy already on offer.