Bavaria is home to multiple biotech regions, in which companies in the sector are concentrated. These include the biotech region Munich/Martinsried with its Martinsried-Großhadern campus, as well as the bio-regions of Regensburg, Franconia and Straubing. So far, Bavaria is home to over 350 companies in the life sciences sector, and the infrastructure means that there is space for plenty more. This is thanks in no small part to the many nationally and internationally renowned research institutions based here in Bavaria.

One of the focuses of the biotechnology scene in Bavaria is on developing new therapeutics and diagnostics. In order to make it as easy as possible for new biotech companies in Bavaria to enter the market, networks such as BioMed Würzburg, BioPark Regensburg GmbH and BioM in Munich provide individual support, effective transfer of knowledge and technology, advice on financing issues and integration into the well-established network structures from the very beginning. In addition, the Biotechnology cluster makes successful efforts to present Bavaria as a biotechnology location in a uniform way to the outside world, for example at large specialist trade fairs such as BIO-USA and Biotechnica.

Many Bavarian universities, such as the LMU Munich, Technische Universität München and the Universities of Würzburg and Regensburg, display a high level of expertise in biotechnology teaching and research and have achieved international renown in this future technology. A large number of young academics leave these universities with an outstanding education in biotechnology every year and bring the skills they have learned into the sector. This is good for Bavaria's biotechnology companies.

Biotechnology research in Bavaria does not only take place at university level, but also in a series of renowned non-university research institutions such as the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Health and the Max Planck Institutes of Biochemistry, Neurobiology and Psychiatry. These work together closely with biotechnology companies and the universities to conduct top biotechnology research. For example, the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Health in Munich, with multiple development projects, is part of the top cluster "m4 – Personalized Medicine and Targeted Therapies: A New Dimension in the Development of Medicines".

In Bavaria, biotechnology companies can find a range of well-organised networks and biotech regions, brought together in Bavaria's Biotechnology cluster. Regional networks include BioMed Würzburg and BioM in the Munich area. They define their own specialisms, such as providing advice on financing options and funding programmes, or closer networking between science and industry. Entrepreneurs and businesspeople here find an infrastructure which provides them with comprehensive support. Together we are strong!

The networks also have great value at an international level. They increase the presence of Bavarian biotechnology companies at large trade fairs such as BIO-USA, ensure that Bavarian biotechnology achieves recognition worldwide, and throw open the doors to international markets and cooperation. But it is not just international networking and that between the biotechnology actors themselves which is important. Networking between the Biotechnology cluster and related Bavarian clusters is also vital. For example, the Biotechnology cluster is working closely together with the Medical Technology cluster on the development of medical therapeutic and diagnostic devices and processes. Networking at every level.