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Thursday, 02. April 2015

Bank of China opens new branch in Munich

Aigner: “The opening of the Bank of China lets the financial centre Munich shine even brighter”
Tuesday, 24. March 2015

Munich Satellite Navigation Summit 2015 commences

Aigner: “Bavaria is an ideal location for aerospace”
Tuesday, 10. March 2015

Ilse Aigner, Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs and Ludwig Spaenle, Minister of Science, introduce a concept for the Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern.

Aigner/Spaenle: “Bavaria is becoming the leading region of the blossoming digital era”
Tuesday, 10. March 2015

Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Ilse Aigner on the 30-year celebration of the Venture Capital Club München

Aigner: “Bavaria's advancement to the top location for business founders is not possible without private venture capital”
Monday, 23. February 2015

Business Matching Bavaria – Israel

Aigner: “Further strengthening cooperation between Bavarian and Israeli companies”
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