Company foundation and legal forms

Founding a company in Germany is easy. Foreign investors have the opportunity to set up a non-independent branch in Germany and thus to begin company operations in Germany right away.They can found subsidiaries and, in doing so, choose between all company forms, just like German businesspeople. Crucial criteria in this decision often include the desired role of the shareholders, possible limitations of liability and tax-related aspects. There are two fundamental types of company under German law – joint-stock companies and partnerships. Each has multiple sub-forms with specific advantages.


10 steps for setting up a branch or company


  1. Contact Invest in Bavaria.
  2. Create a business plan.
  3. Choose the right legal form.
  4. Open a bank account.
  5. Provide the necessary documents for the company foundation.
  6. Select the right experts and partners.
  7. Register in the trade registry.
  8. Find suitable business and commercial premises. Invest in Bavaria supports you.
  9. Apply for a residency permit.
  10. Begin business activities.



More information

Germany Trade & Invest is the Federal Republic of Germany's society for foreign trade and location marketing.

Startup in Bayern is an information portal for company foundations in Bavaria

The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Technology operates a range of different foundation portals with extensive information, including the business set-up portal and the female entrepreneurs' portal

Entrepreneurs can also find more information at Work in Bavaria

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