Company foundation and legal forms

Starting a company in Germany is a simple and straightforward process. Foreign investors have the possibility of establishing a dependent branch in Germany and thus can operate directly with their company in Germany. In addition, they can also establish subsidiaries, and just like all German entrepreneurs, choose between different legal forms for their business. Key criteria are often the desired role of the shareholders, possible limitations or tax considerations. In German law, there are two basic types of legal forms, each with several sub-forms with specific advantages:  The corporation and the joint partnership.

You will find the most principal forms of business operation here

10 Steps for Establishing a Branch Office or a Business

  1. Contact Invest in Bavaria
  2. Set up a business plan
  3. Decide on the appropriate legal structure
  4. Open a bank account
  5. Collect documents required for starting a business
  6. Choose the right experts and partners
  7. Register with the commercial register
  8. Find appropriate business space. Invest in Bavaria will support you
  9. Apply for resident permit
  10. Commencement of operations