Airport, Munich, Nuremberg

“So, where are you flying then, where are you flying to then?”

If Loriot's famous question, in relation to airports and wanting to know where people are flying to,...
A day at Nuremberg Airport



5 minutes with ...

5 minutes with ... Dipl. Eng. Jens Reumschuessel, Sales Manager at Famic Technologies Inc.

5 minutes with ... Dipl. Eng. Jens Reumschuessel, Sales Manager at Famic Technologies Inc.
Dipl.-Ing. Jens Reumschuessel, Sales Manager bei Famic Technologies Inc.
Famic Technologies is among the leading providers of software solutions for fluid technology, electrical engineering and automation technology. In 2012, the Canadian company opened its first international branch at the Münchener Technologiezentrum (MTZ).

Search for talent: How to make it in Bavaria!

Search for talent: How to make it in Bavaria!
Are you looking for an IT professional for hybrid cloud infrastructures? An expert in global supply chain management? Or a manager with a specific industry or cultural background? In Bavaria, there are many ways of finding what you need – from job portals and recruitment agencies to do it yourself.

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Summer time is the time for moving to Bavaria

I am delighted that, even during the summer holidays, increasing numbers of Indian companies are still interested in Bavaria as a business location.


Three hotspots for holidays in Bavaria

The school year has only just come to an end, and already the search is on for ideas to fill all the free time. Lots of foreign professionals and their families are now discovering Bavaria as a holiday destination.


ESA Business Incubation Centre Bavaria

Apply until 08th September 2014 and receive EUR 50.000 funding.


Bamberg is booming!

As a business location, Bamberg regularly impresses in studies thanks to its high quality of life and dynamic labour market. The region is attractive for those looking to set up companies and branches: the number of...


Dual qualified: theory and practice working together

The faster the worlds of work change, the more important it is that those entering the job market choose the right type of training – and that companies can find qualified staff.


Project Public Telescope

astrofactum GmbH presents project ‘Public Telescope’, the first public space telescope “Made in Germany”.


"The World Cup crowns the very best"

This is how Spanish sports newspaper Marca commended the German football team today. It took 113 nerve-racking minutes yesterday before we were finally able to start the celebrations. Germans are delighted to have taken...


5 minutes with... Dominik Obermaier, co-founder and Managing Director of dc-square

Bavaria's economy is full of life – and the people who live and work here make the biggest contribution to this. In our "Five minutes with..." section, each month we introduce an interesting person from business and...