High-quality work begins at school and in training, because today’s students and trainees will be the engineers and skilled workers of tomorrow. That is why the Free State of Bavaria invests in an efficient educational system as the basis for economic success and an innovative society worth living.

Education and training are the highest line items of Bavaria’s state expenditures, and the results are more than impressive: For years, Bavarian students have belonged to the best among the European countries and they have taken the lead as far as the assessment of most of the German states is concerned. Countless international schools and a growing number of multilingual learning opportunities fortify the international demand of education and training in the free state and make it easy for young immigrants to take up their training.

Bavaria's many universities are training the next generation of highly-qualified academics for a wide range of sectors and companies. The dual apprenticeship system consisting of both practical experience in a company and school-based training also provides more staff for the future. This is not only the basis of Germany's success as an export nation, but is also developing into an export hit in its own right.

Find out more here about the education environment in Bavaria.

Global players need an internationally orientated environment. The Free State of Bavaria offers ideal conditions for foreign investors in education, too. Numerous international schools teach in English or the languages of other countries of origin, leading to internationally recognised qualifications. When children from all over the world learn together in one class, it creates an intercultural, open-minded atmosphere – the ideal approach for foreign companies who wish to establish themselves in Bavaria along with their employees and their families. And the ideal starting point for Bavarian workers when preparing for a move abroad with their families.

You can find an overview of the international secondary schools in Bavaria here. Additionally, there are many nurseries and schools for citizens of certain countries of origin. For information relating to a specific country, you are welcome to contact our investor support staff.

Bavaria is one of the world's leading locations for science and research. The state's modern and internationally orientated universities are the driving force behind innovation and progress. Their graduates are outstandingly educated and highly motivated professionals whom companies in the business location of Bavaria can rely on.

Nine state and multiple non-state universities educate the next generation of academics in Bavaria. Successful careers in science and practice await these highly qualified graduates with their internationally recognised degrees. Both universities in Munich (LMU and TUM) have been recognised as elite universities on a number of occasions as part of the excellence initiative run by the national and state governments.

The 17 state and eight non-state universities of applied sciences train students specifically for careers in financial, technical or social professions. The degree courses are more practically orientated and are targeted exactly towards specific professional requirements. Bavarian universities of applied sciences are thus securing the next generation of outstandingly qualified professionals who can be immediately entrusted with positions of responsibility within companies.

The dual apprenticeship system is firmly embedded in Bavaria. It perfectly combines practical experience in a company with theoretical training, benefiting both the companies based here and their specialist staff.

The parallel transfer of knowledge at the company and the vocational college in these dual apprenticeships ensures that the apprentices acquire theoretical knowledge in conjunction with practical skills. Professional experience and academic learning complement one another perfectly and guarantee a high standard of training.

The dual degree programmes at Bavarian universities open the door to excellent career prospects. Thanks to the way theory and practice are interlinked, it takes just a short time for graduates to acquire a highly qualified and comprehensive academic education which absolutely matches what companies are currently looking for.